Dangling Gandhi


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by Jayanthi Sankar
published by Zero Degree Publishing


A spectacular bouquet of a dozen stories travelling across time and space through colourfully multicultural contexts. The nonlinear narrative style helps the reader flow with the kaleidoscopic presentation of events.
- Dr. Lalitha Menon, retd Professor and HOD, Calicut, India

The stories are aptly published while we celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial. ‘Punkah Wallah’, a delightful fiction worth re-visiting brings to life the different classes of our society, origins, cultures and how they functioned during the earliest days of the last century. ‘Did Churchill know?’ left me pleasantly surprised, shocked, and bemused.
- Angela Leong, Director of a Research firm, Singapore

Thoroughly enjoyed the short stories, finding them gripping and touching, with unexpected little twists. On my second reading, with real concentration, I found them even more interesting. They made me think more, and that is a good thing!
- Valerie Dümpelmann, EFL instructor, Germany

[Dangling Gandhi] is not only a story of how different generations relate to literature. A brilliant short story emblematically highlights many of the problems that characterize Tamil literature as a set of social practices in Singapore today.
- Sascha Ebeling, Associate Professor, University of Chicago, USA

These short stories talk on human sensitivities hidden in the lives of common people of different lands, and flavours. They awaken the reader to the profoundness of seemingly undramatic incidents with an insight into historical events and their impact on people of different generations.
- N. Srinivasan, Senior Engineer, Chennai, India

Humans and flies are in no way different as far as Nature is concerned but look at how the human has made his life to be!
- Liu Fang, a senior freelance English tutor, Hong Kong

- paperback: 154 pages
- product dimensions: 142 x 217 mm
- ISBN: 9789388860031