Emily of Emerald Hill

Sold Out

by Stella Kon
published by Constellation Books


Emily of Emerald Hill is described as a one-woman play but there are two roles in it--Emily and you. You play the part of Emily's friend to whom she confides the story of her life and gradually exposes the secrets of her mind.

The play is a journey through human consciousness, and through time. As Emily tells you about her life, we are introduced to a host of striking characters. We see sharp vignettes of a period in Singapore which is no longer familiar. And when we have heard her story, we ask: Who is Emily ? Is she a nurturer or a destroyer, a domestic tyrant or a frightened child ? Is she a traditional Asian wife, or Singapore's first truly liberated lady ? Can we really understand her ? Does she understand herself ?

The play leaves us fascinated. It enlarges our experience of life.

Since its award-winning appearance in 1985, Emily of Emerald Hill has become an icon of the English-language theatre in Singapore and Malaysia. Many different actresses have played the role, and it has been seen by more people than any other locally-written play.

- paperback: 74 pages 
- product dimensions: 131 x 189 mm

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