Fairy Frisket


by A.L.O.E
published by Hurst & Co.


If my young reader have already visited Fairydell Hall, and passed a few merry hours with Know-a-bit, the learned fay, it is quite a natural thing that an introduction to Fairy Frisket should follow. I need explain to no one where these fairies have comes from, — whether they lurk in flower or book, or only in some little nook in the brain of A.L.O.E. My reader will scarcely expect in his walks to see either Know-a-bit or Frisket spring from under a fern-leaf or sit rocking on a hawthorn spray; but he may, and very probably will, meet some other of the curious creatures described in my little book. It is as well to mention that my own knowledge of the manners and customs of the insects — both winged and wingless — herein described, has been drawn from Knight's "Library of Entertaining Knowledge," and Wood's delightful "Homes without Hands."

As for the two human specimens in the story, the selfish and the unselfish, the boy who cared for his own pleasure only, the other who cared for the comfort of others, they may be found in thousands of homes in our land; they—especially the first —are common enough in Britain, however rare fairies may be. If some spoilt little master have received this small volume amongst other Christmas or New Year presents, I hope that he may have patience to read it to the end; and before he closes the book consider whether he would wish to pass all his days on a nettle-leaf of selfishness, or whether he would not rather—by his deeds, his words, and his example—show that he has undergone a nobler change than that which transforms the creeping caterpillar into a creature of light and beauty.

— From the preface, by A.L.O.E

- hardcover: 290 pages
- product dimensions: 112 x 153 mm

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