Front Row: Anna Wintour


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by Jerry Oppenheimer
published by Griffin Publishing


Glamorous Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is the most powerful style-maker in the world. She influences designers, wholesalers, and retailers globally from Seventh Avenue to the elegant enclaves of L:Avenue Montaigne. And every month millions of Vogue readers turn the pages of the chic and trendy style wish book that she has controlled with an iron hand in a not always so velvet glove. Now in her mid fifties, as she nears her remarkable quarter century at the helm of Vogue, comes this revealing biography that will shock and surprise both Anna's fans and detractors alike. Based on scores of interviews, Front Row chronicles the insecure and creative climb of this powerhouse to the top of the bitchy, competitive fashion magazine world, exposing for the first time how she artfully crafted and reinvented herself along the way.

- paperback: 400 pages
- product dimensions: 156 x 236 mm
- ISBN: 9780312323110