Furrie and Shortie #01


FURRIE AND SHORTIE #01: To Be the Most Wonderful You
designed by ampulets, drawings by Yvonne
Special pin-up art by James Tan, Holycrap, MessyMsxi, Theseus Chan, Wu Yan Rong


"At some point in our lives, some of us may ask ‘How did my life turn out this way?’ Sometimes, it is hard to accept who you are, and the situation that you are in. 

When James and I made the comic Furrie and Shortie, Furrie is usually the pessimistic one, while Shortie became the ultimate optimist. They are ol'skool comic oddballs (our inspiration are Old Master Q, ard our fave San Mao) who stick out a little from everyone else. That's why Furrie in one chapter has an identity crisis and wanders into the jungle! And in another, they encounter some troubling behaviors in society today, and in their own small and hopefully funny ways, they act - for good!

One thing for sure, we hope people who read the comic will believe that life, no matter where or who you are, still demands that you can be the most wonderful you. For those of you who ask what's in the comic and why the title, now you know."

- paperback: 48 pages
- product dimensions: 155 x 230 mm

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