GE11: We Were There


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edited by Cherian George
published by Mix Media


This project was conceived in the course of an idle conversation among a handful of us in the lobby of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University. It was late March. We did not know when the election would be called, and we certainly could not predict how exciting the campaign would turn out to be. 

All we knew, as Singaporeans with a passion for photojournalism, was that here was a story we wanted to cover and share through the medium of documentary photography. We knew that every election campaign is, by definition, combative and divisive. We decided to focus instead on the shared experience of this mega event, in a commemorative publication that any citizen could treasure, regardless of his or her political persuasion. 

This publication is not meant to offer a comprehensive or representative historical record of the election. Instead, it is a more personal and interpretive reflection on an event that touched us in different ways and at different levels.

Featuring: Jeff Chouw, Andrew Him, Edwin Koo, Bob Lee, Kevin Lee, Lim Yaohui, Jean Loo, Nguan, Adeline Ong, Sam Kang Li, Sebastian Song, Jimmy Sng, Darren Soh, Wong Maye-E

- staplebound
- product dimensions: 297 X 420 mm
- ISBN: 9789810889760