GUP Magazine #45




How are we to understand the changes that have taken place over time? How are we even to see them? Looking from one moment to the next, or one image to the next, it’s difficult to identify the moment of change. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ are clearly visible, but where exactly does the evolution occur? Could photography – that brilliant medium of ‘capturing time’ and ‘freezing moments’ – give us a glimpse into the arcane? 

Photographers included in this issue:
Joan Fontcuberta, Alec Soth, Brandon Juhasz, Danila Tkachenko, Dave Imms, Fernando Moleres, Jan Rosseel, Natan Dvir, Matthew Swarts, Regula Bochsler, Yann Mingard a.o.  

- paperback: 180 pages
- product dimensions: 225 x 166 mm

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