a photo publication
by Tsen-Waye Tay
published by Math Paper Press


Waye is a curious and engaged citizen of the world who loves discovering new ways of experiencing life outside of the confines of a structured work environment. A journalist by training, Waye has been a reporter in print and broadcast mediums in Singapore; as a communications specialist, she has lent her expertise in public relations, editing, publishing and writing to both non-profit and commercial organisations. Her interest in corporate social responsibility has led to positions of managing regional programmes in areas of sustainable development, ethical trade compliance, and community engagement.

Now based in Spain and Singapore, Waye has spent the former two years pursuing her passion in photography, travelling with her lens trained on humanity and on the natural and built environments, as well as volunteering with charities tackling human rights issues. At present, she is fulfilling a long-held dream to start a literacy project in India.

- staplebound
- product dimensions: 30 x 37 cm
- included: a detachable 60 x 37 cm poster

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