Jacques De Morgan's Explorations In The Malay Peninsula


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published by Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society


In 1884 a young French mining engineer named Jacques de Morgan explored the interior of the state of Perak, searching for locations suitable for tin mining. His journey was gruelling but exciting, passing through dense forests and mountainous terrain, and crossing fast-moving rivers with spectacular waterfalls. He took meticulous notes on the flora and fauna, the physical environment, and the people he encountered. It was a world known only to the aboriginal people living there, who proved extremely hospitable hosts to his party.

Jacques de Morgan’s account of his journey, together with excerpts from several scholarly articles published afterwards upon his return to France and commentary by prominent French scholars, was published in 2003 in a French-language edition (Paris: CNRS Éditions). This material has now been translated and is published in English for the first time. The volume is heavily illustrated with drawings by de Morgan himself, and includes a day-to-day account of his extraordinary journey. The picture of the Malay Peninsula in the 19th century that emerges from this book will be a revelation to modern readers.

- paperback: 256 pages
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- ISBN: 9789679948776