Kult – Superstition


Issue #19


Superstition is a peephole into the many unique superstitious beliefs that are practiced all around the world, even today.

Through the power of storytelling and rituals, superstitions have transcended through time and across history. Despite the many non-believers, they’ve snuck into our subconscious minds, and often make their way into our attempts to avoid misfortune.

Stemming from old folklores and centuries of traditions, superstitions also reveal certain cultural facets, throwing light on the corners of the globe. From shiny black cats leaping over coffins to joyfully discovering four-leaf clovers, these were the threads that helped weave a culture together.

Join us on a quest to understand where superstitions come from, visualising these age-old beliefs with new modern eyes. With the help of 47 artists, we bring you ISSUE #19, SUPERSTITION

Your momma warned you.


- paperback: 88 pages
- product dimensions: 180 x 180 mm

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