edited by Geraldine Kang and Kenneth Tay


Left — Right is a publication project initiated by Geraldine Kang and Kenneth Tay, consisting of writings and images by artists, curators and writers based in Singapore and abroad. The project is a response to the nostalgia that is constantly produced in Singapore, particularly in the jubilee year of 2015. Each entry features a 200-word response accompanying lens-based images produced in and of Singapore.

Like a working caption for a group photo, this project aims to provide a good survey of where these artists, curators and writers are — not just with their own individual research and practice, but their relationship to images as well. Singapore, after al, is a peculiar image factory; this project hopes to provide a meaningful and a needed stop-pause from the constant prodution of images here.


- paperback: 280 pages
- product dimensions: 105 x 141 x 21 mm

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