Lucky Peach: The Apocalypse


No. 6, Winter 2013


The issue’s split into two parts: pre-and post-apocalypse. Michael Pollan talks problems (mostly self-inflicted) and solutions (hint: it involves cooking). We spend a day with Bren Smith of Thimble Island Oysters, a sustainable 3D ocean farm. We offer tips on how to stock your bomb shelter and the low-down on MREs. Part two fast forwards to the End itself: overfished oceans, zombie takeovers, and werebeavers.

Magnus Nilsson fashions a frankenchicken in 2034; Ted Nugent schools us on how to survive (eat your pets, use your weapons); Tartine’s Chad Robertson shows us how to bake bread in a postapocalyptic “oven.” You’ll learn how to make butter (start with a cow) and harvest honey (be careful!). Plus: what’s your sign? Sustainability horoscopes show what’s in store.


- product dimensions: 215 x 266 mm

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