Lucky Peach: The Holiday Issue


No. 13, Winter 2014


Like Dorie Greenspan, the high priestess of holiday (and round-the-year) baking, we’re indiscriminate lovers of all holidays. This issue’s educational: there’s fiction from Anthony Bourdain, with real advice on how not to ruin a turkey dinner (hint: two turkeys), and a how-to guide to recreating Peter Meehan’s traditional Christmas Eve Feast of One Fishes (that’s lobster rolls).

Our celebrations take us all around the world, from a halal butcher shop in New York’s East Village to Haiti, where Adam Gollner celebrates with Vodounistes. We learn from a mithai master at a sweets shop in London, celebrate Christmas in India, home of some of the world’s oldest Christian communities, and marvel at mountains of food in Indonesia, where celebrations are marked by gunangans, food mountains. We learn the science behind what happens when we overeat; plus plans for how to build your own gingerbread mansion and cocktail cures for what ails you.

- product dimensions: 215 x 266 mm

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