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Matter Of Fact

SKU 9781555975005

Don't look back. Think Orpheus. Pillar of salt.
One breath, then another. Sweat of apprehension.
Still life with wind and breadcrumbs.

– from "Injunction"

Matter of fact. Matter of life or death. What does it matter?

Eamon Grennan's new poems seek out criteria with which to question what is unreliable and what is real, what is mere distraction and what is worthy of attention, what is speculation and what is fact. In prose poems and lyrics, Grennan turns to the immutable power of the natural world and the sustaining forces of art to assign value to what endures, to what finally matters. Here is the poet deeply attuned to the everyday possibilities of love, family, and beauty, and in Matter of Fact, he is at his unmistakable best.

Paperback: 96 Pages
Product Dimensions: 155 x 228 mm
ISBN: 9781555975005

Published by Graywolf Press