Metamorphosis And Other Stories


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by Franz Kafka
translated by Michael Hofmann
published by Vintage


This collection of new translations brings together the small proportion of Kafka's works that he thought worthy of publication. It includes "Metamorphosis", his most famous work, an exploration of horrific transformation and alienation; "Meditation", a collection of his earlier studies; "The Judgement", written in a single night of frenzied creativity; "The Stoker", the first chapter of a novel set in America; and a fascinating occasional piece, "The Aeroplanes at Brescia", Kafka's eyewitness account of an air display in 1909. Together, these stories reveal the breadth of Kafka's literary vision and the extraordinary imaginative depth of his thought.

- paperback: 320 pages
- product dimensions: 146 x 211 mm
- ISBN: 9780143105244