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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!

Mynah #3

by Mynah
SKU 9772424953002

Mynah is an annual print magazine about Singapore, Singaporeans and Singaporeanness. It aims to critically and creatively examine the facets of this country that either don’t get enough time in mainstream media, or haven't been discussed in broad ways. 

  • A look at the origins of the Singapore Sling through three different recipes and how it became the bland tourist trap it is today
  • Speculative vignettes of an alternative Singapore where British colonialism never happened
  • An essay on the parallels of Samsui women and modern-day migrant workers, and what they tell us about labour, gender and race
  • An exploration of translation in Singapore that examines 1950s Malayan multilingual films and installation art
  • An analysis of Singlish and the linguistic face of settler colonialism
  • A conversation between Amanda Lee Koe and Jeremy Tiang on translation
  • A gorgeously styled photo essay of customised, or zhnged, instant noodle recipes
  • And more!

Mynah prides itself on being a magazine with a diversity of voices, and this issue features the work of emerging writers like Natalie Christian Tan and Gregory Ng Yong He, and seasoned contributors like Joel Tan and Nuraliah Norasid, just to name a few.

Published by Mynah