Mynah Magazine #2


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published by Mynah


Mynah is an annual print magazine featuring longform journalism on Singapore. The second issue features stories on Singapore's leftist movements, online public shaming, Malay mythistory, Singapore Noodles and more!

  • An essay on Singapore's leftist movements and historical amnesia
  • A profile of a practising bomoh
  • An analysis of how National Day Parades do a disservice to Malay mythistory
  • An investigation of Singapore Noodles
  • Three atypical National Service narratives that explore gender, mental health, and citizenship
  • A chronicle of online public shaming in Singapore 

Featuring the work of young writers like Faris Joraimi, Saza Faradilla, and Lim Min, and seasoned contributors like Kirsten Han and Crystal Abidin, just to name a few.