Nearing A Horizon


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by Ee Tiang Hong
published by UniPress


"Ee Tiang Hong, one of the finest English-language poets in the Asia-Pacific region, died at his second home in Guildford, Western Australia on 27 April, 1990. Born in Malacca in 1933, he was educated in Malacca and Singapore and migrated to Perth with his family in 1975, becoming an Australian citizen in 1979.

It is as a poet that the name of Ee Tiang Hong will be chiefly remembered in the Asia-Pacific region as Australians, Malaysians and Singaporeans increasingly recognise the value of inter-cultural exchanges and lives like Ee Tiang Hong's are 'shared' between countries. Before the publication of Nearing a Horizon, which was written chiefly in Western Australia, Ee Tiang Hong had published four volumes of poems, I of the Many Faces (1960), Lines Written in Hawaii (1973), Myths for a Wilderness (1977) and Tranquerah (1985). Each of Ee's volumes of poems has shown poetic qualities and illuminated aspects of the 'I' of 'many faces' which this complicated, cosmopolitan and humane writer has chosen to reveal to his readers.

To say that Nearing a Horizon is a book written in the shadow of death is not to diminish its importance. On the contrary, the author's knowledge of his cancer and imminent death concentrated mind and heart to a remarkable thought and feeling in this volume. This last book of a pioneer Asian Australian should help to bring thinking people of these two places closer together."

— Bruce Bennett, Canberra, Australia

- paperback: 55 pages 
- product dimensions: 210 x 148 mm