Park Seo-Bo: From Avant-Garde to Ecriture


by Kate Lim
published by Math Paper Press


The story of Park Seo-bo is not simply the biography of a unique, highly disciplined master whose work defies categorisation, it is the story of the evolution of modern art in South Korea - which need not imply that Park's significance is confined by local parameters. Kate Lim shows how the artist's development exemplifies the cross-fertilisation of eastern and western thinking that is reaching out to international audiences in the first truly globalised era of art.

John McDonald
Art critic, The Sydney Morning Herald
Film critic, The Australian Financial Review

As a leader of the Korean Monochrome movement in the 1970s, Park Seo-Bo forged a new path based on his Ecriture paintings. The notion of Ecriture refers to painting as a form of writing, inherently connected to the idea that the layered process of writing ultimately creates a profound archaeology of meaning.
This book offers an important in-depth evaluation of the artist's work that continues to evolve into the present.

Robert C.Morgan
Professor Emeritus in Art History
Rochester Institute of Technology

- paperback: 236 pages
- product dimensions: 254 x 190 x 19 mm

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