poems for the sound of the sky before thunder


by Topaz Winters
published by Math Paper Press

poems for the sound of the sky before thunder is a collection that tiptoes the infinitely blurred lines between hurting, hoping & healing. It speaks of sleepless nights & softened tongues, telling a story of dreaming & bone-bright & out of focus in the rain. These poems are only as much for losing as they are for finding, only as much for despair as they are for the light scattered within it, only as much for leaving as they are for finally coming home.

"Topaz Winters writes of the many different kinds of longing in the tenderest, most stunning ways. She longs for quiet, for girlhood, for the chance to forget and the chance to remember. This collection feels like home for so many that want and bloom in the same way that Topaz does—it's comforting, in that we have someone describing what we may have never had the words for. poems for the sound of the sky before thunder gives the reader permission to try and find beauty even in the ugliest parts of their life. Chances like that are always opportune." — Lydia Havens, author of Survive Like the Water

- paperback with cover flap: 49 pages
- product dimensions: 125 x 210 mm
- ISBN: 9789811137792

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