Poets On Growth


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edited by Peter LaBerge and Talin Tahajian
published by Math Paper Press


Like most good things, Poets on Growth started with an idea.

The literary scene has never been characterized with growth quite like that which has erupted in recent years. There are now more ways to collaborate, workshop, and communicate than ever before. As university students, however, our understanding of some of our favorite poets was often reduced to a poem or two in a literary magazine, a brief biographical statement, and perhaps a website if we were lucky.

We wanted the whole story: where did poets we admire start, and how many times did they stop? Did they grow up with writing? What kept them writing, what keeps them writing, and what will keep them writing?

That is where this anthology begged to exist. Mixing reflections with poetic work, this collection encompasses the stories of today’s and tomorrow’s poets. Quite simply, this is a poetic discussion of maturity, youth, adolescence, oppression, intersection, life, and growth.

— Peter LaBerge & Talin Tahajian, co-editors

- paperback with cover flap: 375 pages
- product dimensions: 125 x 210 mm
- ISBN: 9789810930639