Rubbish Famzine #01

Sold Out


published by Holycrap


RUBBISH FAMzine Issue No. 1 was first published in September 2013 in a limited edition of 300. The zine was quickly sold out and in that same year, won numerous international awards, including a Silver Pencil nomination from the prestigious British Design & Art Direction. Over the next couple of years, there was still constant requests and enquiries for the zine. The publishers thus decided to print the second edition of Google Translating Tokyoto in 2015.

Google Translating Tokyoto is based on the family's inaugural family trip to Tokyo/Kyoto. The concept was based on them not understanding the Japanese language and how they had to rely heavily on the Google Translate function throughout the 13 days to communicate with the locals during their journey. 

The zine is filled with stories, memories, photographs taken and poems written by the entire family. And it was especially memorable for the kids, Renn and Aira, being the first time they were tasked with their own cameras throughout the holiday, documenting their entire journey.

Holycrap is a family art collective by Claire, the 41 year old Mom, Renn, the 11 year old Dreamer, Aira, the 9 year old Romantic & Pann, the 42 year old Dad. They believe that expression is a form of art, able to manifest in many ways & are constantly in the pursuit of anything & everything creative. Relentless too, in exploring subjects, experiments, travels or any other strange exploits while seeking to document their thoughts & feelings through printed pages with their international award winning Rubbish Famzine. 

- paperback: 122 pages
- product dimensions: 150 x 210 x 11 mm

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