Rubbish Famzine #05

Sold Out


published by Holycrap


In The Name Of The Father is a touching tribute to a Father, a Husband, a Grandfather, a man whose life was taken away too soon, too suddenly. Through the voice of the youngest son, you will hear of stories from forgotten memories and buried treasures. Together with his family, they will reflect on solemn confessions of love and sacrifice; regaled with anecdotes and new discoveries. From a son to his father, this will be a eulogy that was never spoken till now.

Rubbish Famzine is an internationally award winning zine started by family art collective, which consist of Claire, the 42 year old mom, Renn, the 12 year old son, Aira, the 10 year old daughter & Pann, the 43 year old dad. They have had six successful art exhibitions to date. ‘Renn Lim by Renn Lim’ in 2011 & ‘bLAh bLAh bLAh’ in 2012. In 2013, they held their 3rd exhibition which was also the launch of their Rubbish Famzine Issue No.1 of the same name, ‘Google Translating Tokyoto’. To date they have launched four issues of the zine and they have been featured on Monocle Radio, America Institute of Graphic Arts and KINFOLK Vol.17. Rubbish Famzine was awarded Design of the Year at the President's Design Award 2015, Singapore's most prestigious design accolade and a Yellow pencil at the British D&AD awards 2016.

- paperback: 148 pages
- product dimensions: 150 x 200 x 15 mm

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