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#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!
#FEEDYOURSHELF with our Book Box Subscription!


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Prologue: translating frustrations, injustice & heartache into productivity. discussing how our surroundings and mood gel with the art we create, avoiding romanticism & glamorisation, exploring the roles we play and how art, design & culture are essential to our survival. by the way, when is a good time to be political?

Everything comes in waves. In relation to creative work, this would mean rounds of embracing a new art form. The viewer gets to decide whether it’s a trend, an asset or both. The second issue of SAND discusses what goes on in the lives and minds of artists and discovers how their moods, desires, and surroundings gel with their art. The best way to digest them would be to think about the shift in your emotions each day and how they shape the way you interact and create. Books and music are scattered all over this issue—fuelled by the conversations we’ve had.

SAND is a progressive publication that fuels both the consumer and creative on the daily commute, during late nights and creative pauses. It is primarily based in Singapore and focuses on stories from Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

Magazine: 148 pages
Product Dimensions: 215 x 275 mm 

Published by SAND Magazine