Science Of The Secondary: Toilet Paper


by Atelier HOKO


"The life of toilet paper is fundamentally short-lived; smeared with shit and left to disintegrate in smelly water, it is found in almost every toilet as a sign of hygienic assurance. Even though its absence is a major cause of panic amongst toilet users, the toilet roll remains a lowly object and ever so often, a cause for embarrassment or awkward giggles when encountered or merely mentioned. Considering how excreting faeces is an everyday affair for all, such sentiments towards a roll of tissue destined to keep one’s butt hygiene in order seems rather immature..."

Science of the Secondary: Toilet Paper is the tenth edition in the series of ongoing research conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO.

- saddle-stitched: 60 pages 
- product dimensions: 175 x 250 mm

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