Spaces: People / Places


by Verena Tay
published by Math Paper Press


From a man with a hair fetish to a younger sister fighting to accept her elder sister's marriage, from a retiree downgrading from the terrace house where he raised his family to a fantastical history of a local neighbourhood, from a security guard's relationship with a Filipino maid to an encounter with a building too avant-garde and high tech in design, from a taxi driver bumping into his ex-wife within his cab to an imagined retelling of the life and times of Mimi Wong (the first woman executed for murder after Singapore's independence): each story within Spaces: People / Places explores the interior landscapes of the various protagonists and / or the exterior settings amidst which each protagonist functions. Verena Tay's second short story collection is a book that, once opened, you can't put down.

- paperback with cover flap: 184 pages
- product dimensions: 125 x 10 x 200 mm 

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