Stowaway To Mars


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by John Wyndham
published by Penguin


The Earth was holding a fantastic contest...

An international prize of over a million dollars was being offered to the first man to complete an interplanetary journey. Target--Mars.

It was a race against time. The U.S., Russia, and England were again competitors, fighting for fame and fortune.

Dale Curance of England didn't need the fortune. He was a millionaire. He was an eccentric. But most of all he was an adventurer and he was determined to win.

But winning was not going to be that easy. There were going to be many surprises. And they all began with the stowaway aboard Curtance's ship.

A stowaway to Mars.

A woman.

- paperback: 192 pages
- product dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
- ISBN: 9780241977026