Stream System


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by Gerald Murnane
published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux


While the Australian master Gerald Murnane's reputation rests largely on his longer works of fiction, his short stories stand among the most brilliant and idiosyncratic uses of the form since Borges, Beckett, and Nabokov. Brutal, comic, obscene, and crystalline, Stream System runs from the haunting "Land Deal," which imagines the colonization of Australia and the ultimate vengeance of its indigenous people as a series of nested dreams; to "Finger Web," which tells a quietly terrifying, fractal tale of the scars of war and the roots of misogyny; to "The Interior of Gaaldine," which finds its anxious protagonist stranded beyond the limits of fiction itself.

With most of the stories in Stream System never before available to readers in this hemisphere, this career-spanning collection makes for an ideal entry point into the work of one of contemporary literature's greatest magicians. No one else writes like Murnane, and there are few other authors alive still capable of changing how—and why—we read.

- paperback: 548 pages
- product dimensions: 210 x 140 mm
- ISBN: 9780374126001