Tell Me, Kenyalang


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by Kulleh Grasi
published by Circumference Books


The world Kulleh Grasi evokes in his poetry is both present and absent—it is seen and longed for, remembered and forgotten. It is the real and reimagined world of the poet’s homeland, Sarawak, the Malaysian state that stretches along the northwest coast of Borneo. Grasi’s Sarawak is a place where all things are "narrated, alive"—where Iban ensera tales, the call of omen birds, the drone of primetime news, and the roar of bulldozers coexist in perpetual oscillation between polyphony and dissonance. Here, the poet listens to the language of rivers and stones, to the leopard’s footsteps, and the thoughts of fishermen. He writes: "Every stitch in the net / is a tongue."

- paperback: 104 pages
- product dimensions: 127 x 201 mm
- ISBN: 9781949918014