The Last Thing He Wanted


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by Joan Didion
published by Harper Collins


It is 1984 and rumblings of the Iran-Contra Affair are just beginning to stir. Large quantities of lethal weaponry are reaching the Nicaraguan Contras without the official sanction of the US government--but with its complicit knowledge.

Meanwhile, out-of-work journalist Elena McMahon watches as her evasive, gruff father's life slowly ebbs away. Rudderless and lost, she feels compelled by a desire to understand him and resolves to do his bidding, to follow the action to Central America--by escorting a shipment of anti-personnel mines to a remote jungle. What begins as Elena's emotional journey soon becomes a cog in a much larger wheel, setting in motion a powerful political machine of intrigue and violence, political opportunism and murky underworld dealings.

- paperback: 238 pages
- product dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
- ISBN: 9780007454242