The Making Of Zombie Wars


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by Aleksandar Hemon
published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Joshua Levin has a reasonably comfortable Chicago apartment, a mildly dysfunctional family sprinkled throughout the suburbs, a steady job teaching ESL, a devoted girlfriend who lives down the block, and a laptop full of screenplay ideas―one of which he thinks, might turn out to be good: Zombie Wars.

But all it takes is a few unexpected events―his already unhinged army vet of a landlord experiencing something of a psychotic break, a moment of weakness (or two) with his sultry Bosnian student―for Joshua’s life to descend into chaos. As the stakes quickly move from absurd to life-and-death matters, The Making of Zombie Wars takes on real consequence.

- hard cover: 320 pages
- product dimensions: 147 x 217 mm
- ISBN: 9780374203412