The New Yorker Book Of All-New Cat Cartoons


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by New Yorker
published by Knopf


Cats again? You can never have too many...

Drawn from the hundreds of cartoons published in The New Yorker in the seven years since The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons–as well as from fabulous older cats–this new collection is as hilarious and irresistible as the first.

The cartoons provide a cat’s-eye view of the world and the important things in life: food, sleep, love and affection, adventure, food, good friends and doggy enemies, back rubs, and food. We see the essence of the feline world captured with verve, humor, and warmth by classic New Yorker artists such as Ed Koren, George Booth, William Steig, Saul Steinberg, Lee Lorenz, Robert Mankoff, Mick Stevens, Danny Shanahan, and Bruce Eric Kaplan.

Purrfectly divine!

- hard cover: 112 pages
- product dimensions: 203 x 216 mm
- ISBN: 9780375401084