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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice might conjure up images of Mickey Mouse from the Disney film Fantasia, or of Harry Potter. As this anthology reveals, however, "sorcerer's apprentice" tales-in which a young person rebels against, or complies with, an authority who holds the keys to magical powers-have been told through the centuries from classical times to today. This collection brings together more than fifty sorcerer's apprentice stories by a plethora of writers, including Ovid, Sir Walter Scott, and the Brothers Grimm. In an extensive introduction, fairy-tale scholar Jack Zipes discusses the significance of the apprentice stories, the contradictions in popular retellings, and the importance of magic as a tool of resistance against figures who abuse their authority. Twenty specially commissioned black-and-white illustrations by noted artist Natalie Frank bring the stories to visual life.

Paperback: 432 Pages
Product Dimensions: 156 x 235 mm
ISBN: 9780691191423

Published by Princeton University Press