The World in Conflict


by John Andrews
published by The Economist


Since the first edition of The World in Conflict, Donald Trump has entered the White House with Russian assistance, North Korea has tested a new generation of nuclear weapons and threatened all-out war on its enemies and Europe has been the repeated target of a new style of Islamic terror attack. Meanwhile, older conflicts still simmer in Africa, the Himalayas and elsewhere. These might be below the threshold of the daily headlines but the threat that they will explode into world-historical significance remains ever-present.

The earth is riven by dangerous faultlines. Join John Andrews on a tour of the ancient enmities and imminent collisions that will define global conflict in the twenty-first century. Region by region, discover the causes, contexts, participants and likely outcomes of every violent power struggle now underway. From drug cartels to cyber war, this is the indispensable guide for anyone who wants to understand our perilous world.

- paperback: 321 pages
- product dimensions:130 x 190 mm

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