Trippin': A Design Lovers' Guide


designed by The Workbench, illustrated by Ella Zheng
published by


A flip through the dictionary will earn you many different meanings to the word trippin'. The way they perceive it though, is not just about a journey, but also being overly excited whenever they have the chance to travel.

Trippin' evolved from the conversations when friends started to ask Ryan and Ella to share their findings and itineraries on the places they have travelled to and discovered. They're not sure how long or often we can keep producing these guides, but they hope they can come in handy during your trips.

In their inaugural issue, they bring you to one of their all time favourite country, Japan. They both agree it is a pilgrimage that we must take at least once in your live. They love almost everything about Japan – their culture, lifestyle, food, and of course the design scene.

- paperback: 123 pages
- product dimensions: 127 x 181 mm

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