Sold Out

by Isa Kamari
published by Kitaab

Cultural Medallion winner Isa Kamari's Tweet is a high-quality work of imaginative fiction that marries traditional storytelling with a modern theme. In his first ever English language work, Kamari shows us a new facet of his storytelling abilities, which is part philosophical and part imaginative. The novel is set in Singapore's bird park, an international tourist destination and an iconic bird sanctuary. Kamari, through a dialogue between a Singaporean grandfather and his grandchild, ponders over the stress and demands of our modern human existence. Intermixed in the narrative is the famous fable of Simurg, the legendary bird, that some of the birds of the bird park are deliriously desirous of meeting. They embark upon a journey that brings them face-to-face to reality that they had not imagined even in their dreams.

- paperback: 82 pages
- product dimensions: 140 x 216mm

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