Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg


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Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg
Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg

published by Math Paper Press


"We take a sniff at the strange black egg in this second issue of TWENTY-FOUR FLAVOURS. You either love it or hate it, this ‘food’, this ‘hundred-year-old’ legend: there’s no in-between. Despite its name, though, the century egg isn’t really kept over a century. You know—by now !—that the curing process needs only several months at the most; and that the chemical changes cause snowflake or pine-branch-like patterns to appear near the surface of the egg white. Hence its other name, pine-patterned egg."

~ Kenny Leck, Co-Founder and Publisher

Twenty-Four Flavours is an anthology of 24 local writers, each contributing a piece of flash fiction, no more than 240 words. Twenty-Four Flavours will run for 24 issues, each issue food-themed.

Twenty-Four Flavours : Century Egg

Adan Jimenez
Alex Mitchell
Ann Ang
Brandon Chew
Carena Chor
Cyril Wong
Delle Chan
Denise Hung
Desmond Kon
Ho Kin Yunn
Ian Chung
Jason Erik Lundberg
Jean Gray
Jocelyn Lau
Jon Gresham
Krishna Udayasankar
Low Jat Leng
Lynn Dresel
Malcom and Maureen Yeo
Nabilah Said
Samantha Toh
Toh Hsien Min
Tse Hao Guang
Verena Tay

(The cover image of this issue is scanned from century eggshells.)

- unbound broadsheet
- product dimensions: 245 x 340 mm

Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg
Twenty-Four Flavours: Century Egg