Twenty-Four Flavours: Chicken Rice


published by Math Paper Press


"If there ever were a National Dish contest for Singapore, I'd confidently vote CHICKEN RICE as the winner. Mexico has its tacos; Italy has its pizza and pasta; Korea has its kimchi; and Singapore should rightly have its own dish too.

For one, it'd make life easier for civil servants, especially for the good folk over at EDB and STB, whose job is to promote (read: sell) Singapore to their international counterparts. Buying the hearts of our international guests through CHICKEN RICE is both economical and logical. After all, one does need to eat, even on civil service duty.

CHICKEN RICE can even be a National Bonding dish. It is enjoyed by all four races—and more—in Singapore, and it can be eaten 365 days throughout the year. How delightful it would be if there were an Annual Open House for 'Eat All You Can CHICKEN RICE' at the Istana during the National Day weekend. At least, President Tony Tan wouldn't be stereotyped as Colonel Sanders that often.

During the monthly Meet-the-People sessions, complimentary packets of CHICKEN RICE could be given out too. It would get everybody in a lighter mood, and the common man, together with the politicians, even trade recipes to help improve the standard of CHICKEN RICE across the country.

So yes, CHICKEN RICE it should be !"

~ Kenny Leck, Co-Founder and Publisher

Twenty-Four Flavours is an anthology of 24 local writers, each contributing a piece of flash fiction, no more than 240 words. Twenty-Four Flavours will run for 24 issues, each issue food-themed.

Twenty-Four Flavours : Chicken Rice

Adan Jimenez
Alex Mitchell
Brandon Chew
Carena Chor
Carol Chan
Cyril Wong
Desmond Kon
Dream Li
Felicia Low-Jimenez
Ian Chung
Jasanne Teo
Jason Erik Lundberg
Jon Gresham
Krishna Udayasankar
Letitia Tan
Lucien Low
Lynn Dresel
Marian Goh
Maureen Yeo
Nabilah Said
Samantha Toh
Sheri Tan
Toh Hsien Min
Verena Tay

- unbound broadsheet
- product dimensions: 165 x 240 mm

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