Twenty-Four Flavours: Sushi


published by Math Paper Press


Twenty-Four Flavours is an anthology of 24 local writers, each contributing a piece of flash fiction, no more than 240 words. Twenty-Four Flavours will run for 24 issues, each issue food-themed.

Twenty-Four Flavours : Sushi

Alex Mitchell
Alvin Pang
Ann Ang
Carena Chor
Cyril Wong
Dream Li
Gemma Pereira
Gwyneth Teo
Ian Chung
Jason Erik Lundberg
Jean Gray
Jon Gresham
Nabilah Said
Pooja Nansi
Samantha Toh
Shazlynn May
Tania De Rozario
Toh Hsien Min
Verena Tay
Xie Shi Min
Yeo Wei Wei
Yeow Kai Chai
Yong Shu Hoong

(This issue is to resemble an onigiri)

- unbound broadsheet
- product dimensions: 245 x 340 cm

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