We, Now, Here, There, Together


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published by AJAR Press


A collection of writings from spoken presentations at the A-Festival 2016, an independent mini poetry festival interested in poetic exchange within and across borders and languages. 

"In all of these essays, one thing stands out: politics. Politics relating to how groups define themselves and form their identity against odds; gender politics, such as making certain female writers, previously underrepresented, more visible; language politics – which language to use? whose language? when is it allowed and disallowed? what are the consequences of using and misappropriating it?; politics that have to do with governments, regimes, histories, and policies; and lastly, politics of the more personal kind manifested in everyday decisions, a form of politics that does not go away, that frightens one but at the same time also enriches one's writing and sharpens one's awareness of being alive."

– an excerpt from the foreward by Tammy Lai Ming-Ho 

- paperback: 263 pages
- product dimensions: 120 x 200 mm
- ISBN: 9781548842413