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WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates. This magazine invited four renowned columnists in their fields, Ace Khong, a.k.a 小邝 (design and illustrations), Teo Kok Keong a.k.a张国强 (Fiction), Liu Xiaoyi aka. 刘晓义 (Theatre) and Kho Tong Guan a.ka. 许通元 (Gender studies).

The feature interview for this volume pushes readers and writers to “Smash Boundaries” (粉碎疆界) hoping to establish “Singapore literature” as a whole. The interview features Alvin Pang, Joshua Ip and Jerrold Yam, in attempt to strengthen and bridge interaction between two literary worlds and languages.

In this volume, our collection of poems and fiction continues to shine, this includes famous Chinese writer and poet, Ng Wai Choy’s (吴韦材) “he wakes up in the middle of the night”, Yeo Min Hui’s (明慧) “long hair”, Wang Man Kiat’s (黄文杰) “who’s children are we?”, Ang Jinyong’s (空·龙猫) “diagnose cases”, Ashley Tan’s (文慧) “of procreation”, and also renowned Malaysian poet, Looi Yook Tho’s (吕育陶) “food performance”; fiction includes A-qing touches on a gay theme for the first time in our magazine, while Teo Kok Keong and Neo Hai Bin is starting to develop their distinct style and voice in writing, and continues to surprise the editors and our readers!


《WhyNot 不为什么》是一本属于新加坡的华文文学杂志,由一群来自南大中文系的毕业生创立。本刊邀请知明文化与文学工作者小邝(绘画)、张国强(小说)、刘晓义(剧场)与许通元(性/别)撰写本期专栏。

本期专题为“砸碎疆界:我们是‘新加坡文学’——与英语作家交心不较劲”,重点采访了冯啟明(Alvin Pang)、小叶子(Joshua Ip)和严俊杰(Jerrold Yam),意于促进各语之间的交流,取长补短,以及搭建语言的桥梁。


- paperback: 127 pages
- product dimensions: 175 x 260 mm
- ISBN: 9789810930554