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WhyNot is a Singapore based Chinese Literary magazine, started by a group of NTU Chinese Studies graduates in 2012. For this issue, our column feature articles from Ace Khong (小邝), Teo Kok Keong(张国强) , Liu Xiaoyi (刘晓义) and Ng Yi-sheng (黄毅圣). We recommend readers to read the article by Ng Yi-sheng about sex work in Singapore. He highlights the many problems sex workers face in Singapore and the many dealing they have had with authorities. How do the sex workers operate locally? What problems do they face? Most importantly, despite its legal nature, why does sex work still face many problems with the authorities?

Our feature article is on the topic of “re-presentation” and includes interview with Nelson Chia (谢燊杰), Jeremy Tiang (程异) and Oliver Chong (钟达成). “Re-presentation” refers to the selective medium and methods an author chooses to re-present or re-create his unique understanding of reality. Thus, we hope that by de-constructing the texts of the 3 interviewees, we could give the readers a glimpse of the literary space the authors have re-created, and encourage readers to enter and explore this space, as well as to engage in conversations with the authors themselves. 

WhyNot Vol 6 also includes works from various exciting writers. For poetry, we have Irene Chiong (爱妮), Chuah Soon Soon (蔡欣洵), Alex Chan (语凡) and Tan Kah Xuan (家宣). For Novels we have the touching gay love story by Qian Ning (潜宁). In Addition, we feature Teo Kok Keong’s I want to Live!, which is about the intertwining fates of an erotic writer and his novel’s character.





- paperback: 143 pages
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